Chancellor Robinson at Lott Carey packaged meals project.

Chancellor Robinson at Lott Carey packaged meals project.

Service in the community where you work or live is a big part of WSSU’s brand. Recently, WSSU Chancellor Elwood Robinson, helped more than 600 high school students visiting WSSU as part of the Lott Carey Youth Seminar understand what that means. Read more here.

Hundreds of students hard at work packaging meals to feed the hungry

Hundreds of students hard at work packaging meals to feed the hungry.

Dr. Ng Sing Muk

Dr. Ng Sing Muk

You never know where your opportunities will come from. But you have to be ready when they do come. Malaysian chemistry professor Dr. Ng Sing Muk took his opportunity to teach and lecture at WSSU and provided an opportunity for two WSSU chemistry students to study at his university. Read more here.

Dr. Craig Richardson

Dr. Craig Richardson

In China, most foreign visitors are allowed to see what the government wants them to see. But WSSU professor of economics Craig Richardson was able to see a little more and gain a better understanding of how the Chinese economy works. Read more here.

Dr. Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi

Dr. Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi

Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. But, WSSU professor of economics, Zagros Madjd-Sadjadi, says he sees improvement in the general economy. Read more here.

WSSU Chancellor Wants to Reach 10% Threshold in Alumni Giving

We are right there! Right there! WSSU Chancellor Elwood Robinson believes that with a little more commitment, WSSU can reach a giving goal that many institutions are trying to attain. Read more here.

WSSU Chancellor Wants to Produce Leaders to Change the World

WSSU Chancellor Elwood Robinson has a very definite focus for what he wants the university to produce. He wants the university to produce graduates who will change the world. Read more here.

Just So You Know

Recently, a question was asked about whether or not Winston-Salem State University campus police can write traffic tickets off campus. The answer is yes. Read more here.

N.C. Governor Pays WSSU A Visit to Promote Bond Package Which Includes New Science Building for WSSU

North Carolina Governor Pat McCory is on a mission. That mission is to garner as much support as possible to pass a $2.85 billion bond referendum that will impact the entire state across the board. Read more here.

South Korean-born Art Professor Explores Familial Relationships in Latest Exhibition

Hye Young Kim, a  South Korean-born artist, now teaching at Winston-Salem State University, will be asking people to be recorded as they spend three minutes in intimate proximity with someone with whom they have a relationship, in her “Intimate Distances Project”, during a month-long “Currents” residency at the Santa Fe Art [...]

WSSU Receives $2.3 Million Grant to Support Research Initiative

Winston-Salem State University has been awarded a five-year grant totaling $2.3 million from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to better prepare undergraduate students in the biomedical and bio-behavioral sciences to compete for graduate programs leading to Ph.D., medical degrees or a combination of a Ph.D. and medical degree.
“The WSSU Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement [...]

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