Now that football season is over, all eyes are turning toward basketball. Both the men’s and women’s basketball programs have something for their fans to see. The women’s program won their last three straight games going into the holiday break. The last win came against always tough Lenoir-Rhyne.  Right now, the program stands at 5-5 and showing steady improvement. Guard McKenzie Weston talks about how the team has transitioned and she sees the season progressing.

The men’s program stands at 8-2 after an impressive win against its first CIAA foe of the season, Virginia Union. Learn more here.

Winston-Salem State University has announced the initial financial support it had received for its Student Success Center project as part of a symbolic wall-breaking ceremony on campus.

Proposed new North Entrance of WSSU Student Success Center.

Proposed new North Entrance of WSSU Student Success Center.

The $13.5 million project will create a one-stop-shop where students can access support services, mentoring, career development services and other educational opportunities such as international programs.  Funding for the project will include the cost of renovating a former science building located in the middle of campus and an endowment to ensure the Center continues to provide the latest in technology.

The university plans to complete the building renovations through private philanthropy and other sources.  Early financial support totals $2.67 million and includes a $1.5 million donation from the Reynolds American Foundation with half of the funds going to support the Student Success Center and half to student scholarships.  Other major contributions to the Center include $500,000 from Wells Fargo and pledges for $500,000 from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, $250,000 from BB&T, and $600,000 in gifts from individuals.

“The Student Success Center is our most important capital project,” said Chancellor Donald J. Reaves.  “The success of our students is a function of our ability to enhance the classroom experience by providing a myriad of academic support services and educational opportunities.   Consolidating these services will support the University’s efforts to provide students with the critical support services that they need in an environment that is modern, convenient, and welcoming.

“We really appreciate the support that we have received from those corporations, foundations and individuals who recognize the importance of this project and have stepped forward to make an investment in the future of our students,” Reaves added.  “We still have a way to go to reach our goal.  We believe, however, that transforming this building is critical to our efforts to develop our students’ full potential and support their success on our campus and after they graduate.”

Members of various university boards have come together to form a Student Success Center Committee to take the lead on the project’s development.

“There is no better investment we can make than to help students transform the knowledge learned in the classroom into more real world applications that better prepare them for life after college,” said Ray Owen, a member of the Winston-Salem State University Foundation board who is serving on the committee.  “This project also resonates with me since I was like many of the students on the WSSU campus, the first person in my family to have the opportunity to go to college.  While these support services are vital at all universities, they are particularly significant for students who may not have gotten that extra level of support and advising before arriving on campus.”

The renovated facility of 38,000 square feet will include an auditorium, café and technology support center along with open spaces that will allow students to meet, collaborate and study.  The building will house the Academic Advising Center, the Language Arts and Writing Center, the Quantitative Skills Center, International Programs, the Learning Resource Center, the Career Development Services Office and technology support services.  The building will meet Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) Gold Certification standards.

Work will begin on the renovations in January 2013 and the Student Success Center is scheduled to open next December.

Proposed new look for Diggs Gallery

Proposed new look for Diggs Gallery

For the first time since it opened in 1990, the Diggs Gallery on the campus of Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) will undergo major renovations designed to improve its ability to attract new exhibits and increase its impact on education.

The project, which will exceed $200,000, began in November and it is anticipated that the renovations will be completed the spring of 2013.

“We are delighted that we are finally able to pursue some significant upgrades to the facility and much credit goes to Provost Brenda Allen for jumpstarting our recession-stalled renovation plans,” said Belinda Tate, director of the gallery.  “We will be adding advanced security cameras and improved lighting which will have a tremendous impact on the caliber of works we will be able to attract for the university’s permanent collection and temporary exhibitions which can help grow our relevance to a larger art universe.  Plus, we will be able to continue to provide audiences with exhibits that run the gamut from traditional to cutting edge.”

“Studying original works of art at Diggs Gallery is a vital component of the WSSU liberal arts experience,” said Allen.  “As we celebrate the university’s 120th anniversary, I think the renovation of Diggs Gallery represents a cherished gift to our campus and the Winston-Salem community.  The improved quality of the gallery space will certainly enhance how exhibits are viewed and increase appreciation of the incredible works of art always found on exhibit at Diggs.”

The renovations are designed to create a fresh look for Diggs and one that is different from other galleries in the area.  While a new climate control system was added more than 10 years ago, the gallery has continued with its black ceiling and outdated lighting.  When the renovations are complete, the gallery will have an espresso-colored engineered hardwood floor, refurbished walls, and a lighter ceiling to create the look of a more open and contemporary art space.  In addition to the work in the gallery, a conference room wall will be removed to create more reception space and there will be new carpet in the hallway.

Kolin Robinson, a fine arts major who graduated in 2012, was pleased to see the university investing in the gallery.

“During my collegiate career at Winston-Salem State, Diggs introduced me to phenomenal works of various African and African American art,” Robinson said.  “I was not only inspired by the cultural richness, but students like me could always find a sense of home there.  As a young artist, I aspire to one day leave my mark and contribute to the culture by having my works exhibited in institutions that have a great reputation like Diggs Gallery.”

Beyond just the changes to the space, the gallery is documenting its entire collection to identify additional objects that can be used in WSSU public spaces and classrooms.  The goal is to make artwork more accessible for faculty and for students through the Internet and more visible outside of the gallery walls.

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe

Earl "The Pearl" Monroe

Ducking, diving, whirling, spinning, and folding up in the corner are all the moves that made Earl “The Pearl” Monroe a household name. Now the WSSU alumnus is among those to be recognized in the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. Learn more here.

The School of Business and Economics at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) has received the Visionary Award for 2012 from the Society for Financial Education and Professional Development.

Winston-Salem State University students accepted the Visionary Award on behalf of the School of Business and Economics.  The students were (left to right):  Vanity Oakes, Bryant Clinton, 2006 graduate Darien Davis, Garrard Taylor and Dianna McCollum.

Winston-Salem State University students accepted the Visionary Award on behalf of the School of Business and Economics. The students were (left to right): Vanity Oakes, Bryant Clinton, 2006 graduate Darien Davis, Garrard Taylor and Dianna McCollum.

The award recognizes individuals and organizations that use a holistic approach to enhancing the financial and professional growth of individuals.  It was presented at the recent fifth Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.  The four students accepting the award on behalf of WSSU were Dianna McCollum and Garrard Taylor, finance students, Bryant Clinton from accounting and Vanity Oakes from marketing.

“The university’s School of Business and Economics understands and demonstrates the importance of financial knowledge and professional skills,” said Theodore Daniels, president and CEO of the Society.  “The students participate in our financial literacy programs and the college makes provisions for students to attend our annual conference where they have the opportunity to engage high level professionals as well as participate in workshops and sessions with such professionals.”

“We have been taking four students each year to the conference since 2009,” said Nick Daves, director of WSSU’s Center of Excellence in Financial Services.  “The students are nominated by the department chairs within the school and the Center funds the trips.  The conference provides an excellent opportunity for our students to hear from leaders in the financial services field and to network with professionals who are focusing their efforts on enhancing financial and economic literacy in this country.”

Grant Moves WSSU Nursing Graduates Toward Earning Doctorates

The Division of Nursing at Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) will be supporting advanced nursing education through two new efforts.
The program was awarded a $699,000 grant from the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Resources and Services Administration to assist with tuition and fees for students enrolled in the family nurse practitioner option.  A [...]

Rams Pack 2012 All-Conference CIAA Team List

It is not surprising, but still a great honor for the WSSU Rams football team that went undefeated in CIAA conference play and will pack the list of the 2012 All-CIAA Conference team. The offensive and defensive players of the year are both Rams. Read more.

Leaders of Winston-Salem’s three liberal-arts colleges and universities recently got together to discuss their concerns about the rising costs of obtaining a college education. Learn more here.

WSSU and Duke to Collaborate on Nursing MSN-Ph.D. Bridge Program

Winston-Salem State University has begun a five-year partnership with the Duke University School of Nursing to create The Bridges to the Doctorate Program that is being funded by a $1,245,190 grant from the National Institute of General Medicine.  The collaboration is to increase the number of underrepresented minority nurses from WSSU’s master’s program who are [...]

WSSU Red Sea of Sound to Perform in Honda Battle of Bands for Third Straight Year

The votes are in and the Red Sea of Sound will represent the CIAA for the third straight year in Atlanta, GA., at the Super Bowl for Black College Bands– the Honda Battle of the Bands. Learn more here.

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